Wrap-Up Wednesdays: Early Chapter Books

It’s back-to-school time, and many kids will experience an exciting first this year: independently reading their first chapter book.  Here are some ideas for what that book might be.  (And yeah, I know Wrap-Up Wednesday is on Thursday this week.  The kids aren’t the only ones going back to school.)

Sprout Street Neighbors: Five Stories by Anna Alter.  Published by Knopf Books for Young Readers.

Five animal neighbors help each other solve their problems with friendship and gentle humor.  Each chapter stands alone and features one of the five friends.

Dory and the Real True Friend by Abby Hanlon.  Published by Dial Books.

Dory and her wild imagination are back for a second book.  She’s starting school, and her brother and sister recommend she leave her imaginary friends at home and make a real friend.  Dory decides to listen to the voices of experience and takes their advice…sort of.

Space Taxi: Archie’s Alien Disguise by Wendy Mass, illustrated by Michael Brawer.  Published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

Archie and his dad are back with another adventure driving the space taxi.  This time Archie’s on his own on a mission to rescue a princess, and gets a crazy alien disguise to help him succeed.  Plenty of adventure and humor.

Danger in Ancient Rome (Ranger in Time) by Lisa Messner.

Ranger the golden retriever time travels to ancient Rome where he uses his search and rescue skills to help two young gladiators.  Magic Tree House fans will enjoy the combination of history, time travel, and adventure, all seen through the eyes of a really cute dog.

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