Bigfoot is Missing! by J. Patrick Lewis and Kenn Nesbitt, illustrated by Minalima

Published by Chronicle Books 

Summary:  Each two-page spread features a creature from the files of cryptozoology (creatures rumored to exist, but never scientifically documented).  The actual animal isn’t shown in full, just a part or hint of it, with a report of a sighting in the form of a poem.  For instance, Bigfoot’s entry includes a milk carton with this verse: “Missing/Last seen: walking in the forest/Height and weight: much more than you/Gender: unknown/Hair: all over/Shoe size (Rumored): 92”.  The first page tells about cryptozoology, and the endpapers include a list of all the creatures in the book with a brief description of each.  Grades 2-6.

Pros:  This is one clever book, and the topic is sure to be popular with young readers, who will want to spend some time studying the illustrations.  A fun and easy introduction to poetry by two former children’s poet laureates.

Cons:  If you get this book out of the library (which you should), the creatures’ descriptions on the endpapers will most likely be partially covered by a taped-down book jacket.

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