I Hear a Pickle (and See, Smell, Touch, and Taste It, Too!) by Rachel Isadora

Published by Nancy Paulsen Books 

Summary: Each sense gets its own special section, in which adorable preschoolers hear, smell, see, touch, and taste, and sometimes react to their experiences. Example:  “I hear the birdie.  I hear the bee. Uh-oh!  I don’t hear the worm.”  Each section has 15-20 experiences, so kids will definitely get the idea of what that sense is all about.  The pickle ties it all together on the last page, as it is seen, smelled, touched, tasted, and heard…crunch!  32 pages; ages 2-6.

Pros: A gently humorous introduction to the senses. The multicultural cast of kids is a cute and curious bunch, enthusiastically exploring the world around them.

Cons:  Adult readers could tire of the repetitious text if this becomes a favorite book.

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