Happy Birthday!

A year ago today, I started A Kids Book a Day with a review of the aptly titled A Wonderful Year by Nick Bruel. This morning I published post #365, making it truly a kids’ book a day for a full year!  So what do you think?  Have the reviews been helpful to you?  Anything you’d like to see different for year 2?  Leave me a birthday comment!

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Many thanks for all of your hard work. Your reviews help me decide which books to purchase for my school library. Really very helpful.


  2. Happy birthday, and I’m SO happy to hear you’re up for year two!! I really enjoy your succinct summaries and you’ve helped me keep up with so many new titles I would have missed. Bravo!


  3. Thank you for all your hard work on this blog! The librarians in my district have had a discussion about which blogs we follow, and I think you might be getting a few more followers after I mentioned this blog. Your reviews have helped me with purchasing decisions, made me aware of books I had not yet heard of, and gave me a working librarian’s view of the materials. Thank you!!!


  4. I love the books you review. A very helpful resource when looking for new books to share with my daughter. Many books from your blog have become her new favorites!


  5. Thanks for starting this blog. I don’t always take time to read the details because I know I can refer back to it when I’m working on orders. Other times I know exactly who would “need” the book. Keep ’em coming, and Happy Birthday!


  6. I find your blog quite helpful in helping me catch books I missed, or alerting me that new titles are available for our public library collection. Please keep it up–I really enjoy your brief reviews and mention of so many great titles. Your messages are always a welcome sight in my daily e-mail!


  7. Sorry that I missed making a comment when this was posted. I truly appreciate your reviews and suggestions. I included a number of titles you have recommended in the Read to a Child wish list. Thank you for your time and effort in suggesting book titles.


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