The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James by Ashley Herring Blake

Published by Little, Brown and Company

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Summary:  When Sunny gets a heart transplant after many months of being sick, she resolves to start a new life: finding a new best friend and finding a boy to kiss.  The new best friend soon appears in the form of Quinn, a new girl who has traveled all over the world with her wildlife photographer mother, but is settling down on the island where Sunny has grown up.  The two girls embark on their mission to find boys, but it soon becomes clear that they are more interested in kissing each other. Both have had bad experiences around their attraction to girls, so are shy about revealing their feelings.  To further complicate Sunny’s summer, her mother has come back after giving Sunny up when she was four years old. There’s a lot going on in Sunny’s new life, and sometimes she wishes she could go back to the old one, but she gradually learns to trust her new heart and open up to the people around her.  384 pages; grades 4-7.

Pros:  As she did in Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World, Ashley Herring Blake creates a cast of memorable characters and an engaging story that will find a place not only in LGBQT collections, but also with tweens and teens struggling with self-acceptance of all types.

Cons:  The first few chapters were a bit slow.

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