The Christmas Boot by Lisa Wheeler, illustrated by Jerry Pinkney

Published by Dial Books for Young Readers 

Summary:  Hannah Greyweather spends her days trying to survive in the cold winter.  One day while out gathering firewood, she finds a boot and puts it on over the rags she has wrapped around her left foot. She can’t believe how warm the boot makes her foot, and when she goes to bed, she wishes she had a right one.  Lo and behold, the next morning, there’s a pair of boots at her bedside.  The day after that, there’s a pair of mittens tucked inside, and when she comes back from her chores, Hannah discovers her cabin has been replaced by a big, fancy house, complete with feast and feather bed.  A knock on the door reveals the source of the gifts—Santa himself, returning to reclaim his missing left boot.  As soon as he puts it on, everything goes back to the way it was.  Hannah doesn’t mind giving up the fancy house, but she tells Santa she did like the warm boots and mittens, and wouldn’t mind having someone to talk to.  The next morning, Santa has granted her wishes; when an “Arf” comes out of the left boot, Hannah discovers she has a new puppy for company.  32 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  A heartwarming holiday story, with splendid illustrations from Caldecott artist Jerry Pinkney.

Cons:  Let’s hope Hannah gives that left boot a thorough cleaning before sticking her foot into it.

One thought on “The Christmas Boot by Lisa Wheeler, illustrated by Jerry Pinkney

  1. I work with students in extreme poverty. Just reading the review breaks my heart as so many of my children need some warm boots and clothes and they would believe this could happen.


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