Restart by Gordon Korman

Published by Scholastic

Summary:  When Chase Ambrose falls of the roof of his house, the blow to his head causes complete amnesia.  After getting reacquainted with his family, he starts back to school, where he discovers he has been a superstar athlete and the biggest bully in the eighth grade.  The kids in the video club that he now wants as friends were once his biggest victims.  His old friends Aaron and Bear can’t understand why he’s turned into such a goody-two-shoes.  The three of them are doing community service at a retirement home as punishment for one of their worst misdeeds, and Chase befriends a crotchety war veteran there who may hold a clue to more of Chase’s former life.  As his memory begins to return in brief flashbacks, Chase has to make a choice between who he used to be and who he wants to become.  256 pages; grades 3-7.

Pros:  Told in the usual Gordon Korman style of short chapters from many different points of view, this funny and thought-provoking look at the middle school social hierarchy will definitely be a popular choice for many readers.

Cons:  Chase’s complete transformation was occasionally difficult to believe.

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