End of the year lists

As I’ve done in previous years, I’ll be posting my favorites in different categories for the next several days, then taking a vacation for the first few weeks of January.  It’s hard for me to believe I’m wrapping up the fourth year of doing this blog.  Thank you to everyone who reads the reviews, whether you’re a daily subscriber someone who checks in every once in a while.  I always love to hear feedback at this time of year, so please post a comment if you have something to say about A Kids Book A Day this year!

8 thoughts on “End of the year lists

  1. Hi Janet. I met you at MTA conference in Summer and have enjoyed your posts. I’ve read many of your books to classes I go into. I’m a SLP and use children’s books to teach vocabulary words. I love how you review new books that I might not have known about. Thank you!!!


  2. Please keep your blog going–it’s my main source for figuring out what books to purchase for my school library! Thank you for all of your hard work. Happy New Year!


  3. Janet- I love your posts! I use your daily book reviews to fill out my “want to read” list and I always appreciate your thoughtful and down-to-earth reviews of the books I have already read. It is fun to compare how we reacted to a book! Please keep going! And THANKS!


  4. Thanks for the daily dose of children’s literature. It’s much easier for me to digest than journal reviews! I finally set up a file in my email box so that I can save the ones that peak my interest. I recently shifted from school library to public library, so my clientele has changed slightly, but you cover a broad age range (that helps me with the kids in my personal life too!).


  5. Dear Janet,

    Your reviews have been so useful to me for ordering books for my four school libraries. When you started four years ago, I recommended the email to the other two elementary librarians and I know they make use of it as well. I truly enjoyed the list of Kleenex-worthy titles. Good to have that heads up before reading them aloud. 🙂 Have a wonderful 2019 and thank you again for your work.


  6. I primarily use two resources for book selection: SLJ reviews and this blog. I appreciate the fact that Janet’s reviews are honest and forthright. Keep up the good work – you are helping librarians everywhere.


  7. I look forward to reading your reviews. As an elementary school library tech, I SO APPRECIATE the service you provide! I’m overwhelmed each year when I am presented with my small budget for book purchases and your suggestions are gold!!! Thank you so much! Wishing you a joyous, happy & healthy new year!


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