Roar Like a Dandelion by Ruth Krauss, illustrated by Sergio Ruzzier

Published by HarperCollins

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Summary:  This action-filled ABC uses verbs in unusual settings: “Act like a sprinkler in summer/Butt like a billy goat/Crow like a rooster, make the sun come up.”  Each has an animal illustration to accompany it, as the text goes all the way through to “X out all the bad stuff/Yell, ‘Good morning, big fat world!’/Zip, zip, zip, zip, zip”.  48 pages; ages 3-6.

Pros:  Sergio Ruzzier’s cute animal illustrations enliven this text written by the late Ruth Krauss, the beloved author of A Hole Is To Dig and The Carrot Seed among others.  Kids will get a kick out of the falling elephants for “Fall like rain” (who appear a few pages later in “Jump like raindrops”), the mice walking along a winding snake for “Go like a road”, and other whimsical illustrations.

Cons:  As I’ve said before, sometimes there’s a reason those manuscripts discovered posthumously didn’t get published (looking at you, Dr. Seuss’s executors).  This book is cute, but I was kind of underwhelmed, and surprised that it got four starred reviews.

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2 thoughts on “Roar Like a Dandelion by Ruth Krauss, illustrated by Sergio Ruzzier

  1. I find both the words and the illustrations wonderful, working beautifully together, and making this a perfect picture book. Maybe it takes a few readings to appreciate the words, or maybe it’s just like with poetry: either you feel it or you don’t!


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