Sometimes People March by Tessa Allen

Published by Balzer + Bray

Sometimes People March - Kindle edition by Allen, Tessa, Allen, Tessa.  Children Kindle eBooks @
Tessa Allen on Sometimes People March | The TeachingBooks Blog

Summary:  “Sometimes ants march. Sometimes bands march. Sometimes people march.” People march to stand up for freedom or against injustice, to support people they love, or when they notice the need for change.  They might resist by speaking out, writing a song or letter, standing up, or taking a knee.  Just like ants are stronger together and bands are louder together, people march to amplify and strengthen their voices.  Includes two pages entitled “Movements, Marches & Key Figures in the Art” that tell the historical events that correspond to the illustrations.  32 pages; ages 4-9

Pros:  Although the text is spare, it conveys a lot of information about marching, which is complemented by the charming illustrations of diverse individuals and crowds standing up and speaking up for what they believe.  The real-life connections listed in the back make this a good starting place for additional research.

Cons:  I was surprised there weren’t any anti-war protests depicted, particularly Vietnam.

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