Mr. Brown’s Bad Day by Lou Peacock, illustrated by Alison Friend

Published by Nosy Crow Mr. Brown's Bad Day (9781536214369): Peacock, Lou, Friend,  Alison: Books
MR. BROWN'S BAD DAY - My Booktopia

Summary: Mr. Brown is a Very Important Businessman who works in a Very Important Office and carries a Very Important Briefcase.  But one day, his briefcase gets taken away, and Mr. Brown has to put his very important plans on hold to chase after it.  One madcap escapade follows the next, until a bedraggled Mr. Brown finally gets his briefcase back.  What could possibly be important enough to make him go to all that trouble?  The answer may surprise you!  32 pages; ages 3-7.

Pros:  I found this book unexpectedly charming, and look forward to reading it aloud to kindergarteners or first graders.  The animals that populate Mr. Brown’s world (he himself is a tiger) are adorable, and the illustrations are bright and engaging.  The ending is both surprising and satisfying.

Cons:  Get over yourself, Mr. Brown.  No one is THAT important.

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