Summer of Brave by Amy Noelle Parks

Published by Albert Whitman and Company

Summer of Brave: Parks, Amy Noelle: 9780807576601: Books

Summary:  Lilla is known as the quiet one in her trio of her, Vivi, and Knox.  But it’s getting harder for her to keep quiet about all the changes going on in her life: her parents’ divorce, their pressure for her to try for a magnet school that doesn’t feel like the right choice, and a possible crush on Knox.  When she gets chosen for a position as a junior camp counselor instead of Vivi, life gets even more complicated.  Then she’s involved in a sexual harassment issue with one of the senior counselors, and she realizes she can no longer keep quiet.  Encouraged and supported by her friends, Lilla begins to find the courage to figure out what’s right for her and to speak up, even when she’s afraid of the consequences.  240 pages; grades 5-8/

Pros:  I found this book hard to put down; I could so relate to Lilla’s struggles to speak up for herself…still working on that myself even though it’s been a long time since I was Lilla’s age.  Her confusion around sexism and harassment felt very real as well, and this is undoubtedly a book many middle school girls will relate to and find helpful.

Cons:  There were a lot of topics being tackled in 240 pages, and it felt a little rushed to get them all resolved before the end.

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