A Wonderful Year by Nick Bruel

Published by Roaring Brook Press

Summary:  A nameless girl has an adventure in every season.  On a snowy day in “Winter Wear”, she takes so long to bundle up, that the snow has melted by the time she gets outside.  “Spring Splendor” includes a song and dance by the girl and her dog; they even find a way to include their grumpy sleeping cat.  In “Summer Sidewalks”, the girl’s hippo friend finds an innovative way to cool her off that involves a trip to the freezer.  Finally, in “Fall Foliage”, the girl tells the story of changing leaves to her tree friend.

Pros:  Nick Bruel has many fans from his “Bad Kitty” series, and they are sure to add this book to their list of favorites.  The cartoon illustrations are bright and playful, and there is a terrific cast of characters.  Kids will laugh out loud at the talking can of beans and spitting hippo.

Cons:  The four-panel layout on some of the pages make the pictures a little small for group read-alouds.

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