The Terrible Two by Mac Barnett and Jory John, illustrated by Kevin Cornell

Published by Harry N. Abrams

 Summary:  Miles is the new kid at school.  He’s hoping to establish himself as the best prankster there, a title he held in his last school.  His pranks keep backfiring, though, and he finally learns why: Niles, the apparently goody-two-shoes kiss-up kid is actually a prankster extraordinaire in disguise.  The two eventually put aside their differences and team up to become “The Terrible Two”, ultimately bringing their nemesis Principal Barkin to his knees.

Pros:  You can’t go wrong with a prankster, and two pranking geniuses are sure to be appreciated by the elementary school crowd.  Both Miles and Niles have their different charms, and humor abounds throughout the story.  Short chapters and plenty of illustrations will keep reluctant readers engaged.

Cons:  The whole slacker-kid-outwitting-the-adults thing has become practically its own genre, spawned by the wimpy kid.  It’s starting to seem a little tired.

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