Owl Diaries: Eva’s Treetop Festival by Rebecca Elliott

Published by Scholastic, Inc.

Summary: In the first book in this series, Eva (an owl) decides to organize a spring festival at her school.  Her excitement turns to dismay as the date approaches and she realizes there is no way she can have everything ready in time.  She finally remembers her teachers advice when she suggested her idea: share the work.  It’s easy to ask her friends for help, but a little tougher to go to mean girl Sue Clawson.  Everyone pitches in, even Sue, and the fair is a big success.

Pros:  Scholastic has a relatively new line called Branches, which are chapter books for ages 5-8 (scholastic.com/branches).  They’re all in the guided reading level range of M-P.  Not great literature, but definitely high interest.  The different series are clearly being marketed to girls and boys (see Cons).  This one is definitely for the girls, and is written in the very popular diary format.

Cons:  I’ve recently read two entries in the girls’ series—Lotus Lane and Owl Diaries.  Both main characters love fashion and their BFF, and have to deal with a mean girl at school.  It would be nice to see a series about a girl that is not quite so stereotypical.

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