P. Zonka Lays An Egg by Julie Paschkis

 Published by Peachtree Publishers

Summary:  All the hens in the henhouse lay eggs on a very regular basis.  They’re proud of their accomplishments, and can’t understand why P. Zonka refuses to produce anything.  Instead, she wanders around admiring the flowers and the sky.  Finally, the other hens call her on it and insist that she try to lay an egg.  To their surprise, not only does she lay one, but it is beautifully striped and patterned with many colors.  P. Zonka never becomes a regular egg layer, but when she does lay one, it is always beautiful and unique, and the hens treat her with new respect.

Pros:  This is a story that celebrates dreamers and artists.  The productive, hardworking citizens of the henhouse are seen as a bit bossy and self-righteous, while the one who seems to be doing nothing is actually fully engaged in an artistic process.  On another level, this story and its illustrations are a good introduction to pysanka egg decorating.

Cons:  The message seemed a little bit heavy-handed to me.

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