Henry Holton Takes the Ice by Sandra Bradley, illustrated by Sara Palacios

Published by Dial Books

Summary:  Henry Holton’s family loves hockey so much that the kids teethe on hockey pucks, their dog is named Gretzky and their mom drives a Zamboni to work.  It’s a foregone conclusion that Henry will put on a pair of skates as soon as he can walk.  When he does, sure enough, he is a fabulous skater.  But the whole hockey thing feels wrong to him, and he can’t figure out why until the day he sees a poster for an ice dance show.  From then on, all he wants is skates with toe picks.  No one will listen to him until his grandmother (six-time MVP in the Silver Skates League) shows him a picture of herself as a figure skater.  She gave it all up the first time she picked up a hockey stick and knew that was the thing for her.  She gives Henry her old skates to try.  When his parents see him, they know he is destined to be a figure skater.

Pros:  A fun story for the hockey-obsessed youth of Massachusetts, all about being true to yourself.  The part about his grandmother giving up figure skating for hockey was a great and unexpected twist.

Cons:  Other than that plot twist, a bit predictable.

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