Honey by Sarah Weeks

Published by Scholastic Press

Summary:  Because Melody’s mother died when she was a baby, Melody’s never really missed her.  She and her father are so close that the two of them seem like a complete family.  But one night, the phone rings, and Melody hears her dad call the person on the other end “Honey”.  He tells her it was a wrong number, but she’s sure he has a new girlfriend, and with the help of her best friend Nick, sets off to figure out who it is.  There are a couple teachers at his school, including her awful fifth grade teacher Miss Hogan, plus the new hair salon owner who it turns out was Melody’s mother’s best friend.  The mystery is slowly solved and along the way, Melody learns more about her mother, her father, and herself.

Pros:  Like Sarah Weeks’ Pie, this is an immensely satisfying book with likeable characters and a plot that unfolds at just the right pace to keep the reader guessing to the end.

Cons:  Although plenty of third, fourth, and fifth graders would love this book, there’s no big “hook” to use in a book talk.

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