Mr. Pants: Slacks, Camera, Action by Scott McCormick, pictures by R. H. Lazzell

Published by Dial Books

Summary:  When cool cat Mr. Pants sees a flier for a film contest, he decides he wants to make a movie and win big.  But life keeps interfering: his mom has planned a tea party, there are chores to be done, and the other kids don’t want to take him seriously.  He perseveres, filming what he can, and piecing together snippets on his computer to create a masterpiece.  The excitement builds at the film festival…will Mr. Pants get the $1,000 prize and his trip to Hawaii?

Pros:  This is the second installment in a new graphic novel series, and Mr. Pants is a worthy successor to Babymouse.  With short chapters, lots of action, and plenty of laughs, these books will engage the most reluctant reader.

Cons: The tea party scene was a little confusing to me.  Too many cats.

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