Glamourpuss by Sarah Weeks, illustrated by David Small

Published by Scholastic Press

Summary:  Unlike other cats, Glamourpuss isn’t expected to catch mice or rid the closets of moths.  Her one and only job is to be glamourous, and she excels at it.  She’s shortened her “Meow” down to a single syllable, “Me”, which works nicely when she asks her mirror, “Who is the most glamourous of us all?”  Glamourpuss’s reign over the household comes to an abrupt end one day when her owner’s sister comes for a visit and brings her dog, Bluebelle.  Bluebelle’s tricks and adorable outfits charm everyone until the day Glamourpuss discovers Bluebelle in her room, devouring her cute clothes. Glamourpuss realizes Bluebelle hates these clothes and really only wants to be…glamourous.  A friendship ensues and harmony is restored for all.

Pros:  A fun and funny story with a good message about misleading first impressions.

Cons:  The glittery pink cover will probably turn off boy readers, many of whom would actually enjoy this story

2 thoughts on “Glamourpuss by Sarah Weeks, illustrated by David Small

  1. I usually like books by Sarah Weeks, so I wanted to like this book, too. I’m probably reading too much into it, but I was a little turned off by the focus on glamour, looks, and “Me” behavior.


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