Fake Snakes and Weird Wizards by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver, illustrated by Scott Garrett

Published by Grosset and Dunlap

Summary:   In this prequel to the Hank Zipzer series, second-grader Hank’s younger sister Emily wants to have a reptile show for her birthday party.  When their parents say they can’t afford the local performer, Hank decides to put together his own show.  Unfortunately, he has trouble learning how to do the magic trick his friend Frankie tries to teach him.  The party looks like it will turn out to be a disaster, but in the end, Hank is able to save the day.

Pros:  This is a funny story with short chapters and lots of illustrations.  It’s written with a font called Dyslexie (www.dyslexiefont.com) which is designed to make reading easier for kids like Hank who have dyslexia.

Cons: If you were born before 1973, the name Henry Winkler will trigger a “jump the shark” flashback to the Fonz.

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