Hissy Fitz by Patrick Jennings

Published by EgmontUSA

Summary:  Poor Hissy!  All he wants is a nap, but Georgie keeps talking to him about her day and school, Dad is into power tools, and three-year-old terror Zeb won’t leave him alone. Is it any wonder Hissy Fitz is cranky and ready to hiss at, spit on, or even scratch anyone who gets too close.  And then when the family’s finally asleep, Hissy’s hunting instinct kicks in, and all he can think of is going outside and slinking around the neighborhood.  Follow a day in the life of this grumpy but loveable cat.

Pros:  Lots of humor, short chapters, and frequent illustrations will make this a good choice for beginning chapter book readers.

Cons:  I remember now why I am a dog owner.

3 thoughts on “Hissy Fitz by Patrick Jennings

  1. This looks great, Janet. We are always looking for engaging “first chapter” books, so this will make our wish list for sure.


  2. What a brilliant idea! I can just imagine the author looking at one of those grumpy cats and sussing out a motive for the crankiness. One of those ideas so obvious that you wonder no one wrote them before! Maybe readers of this book will give their cats a little more space. Or get a dog.


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