Meet the Dullards by Sara Pennypacker and Daniel Salmieri

Published by Balzer and Bray

Summary:  The Dullards enjoy such activities as staring at their unplugged TV and watching the paint dry (a mix of beige and gray).  When they catch their children reading books about the circus, they decide it’s time to move to a duller neighborhood.  But the new place has all kinds of pitfalls, like a neighbor who brings an applesauce cake made with chunky applesauce and uses sentences that end in exclamation marks.  When they discover their children playing circus outside, it’s time to pack up and move back again.  That night, the parents rest easy in their old boring house while the children run away to the circus that’s in town.

Pros:  The humor starts on the cover (“Extra boring edition!”) and continues on every page.  The cartoon-like illustrations perfectly render what the dullest family in the world would look like.

Cons:  Somehow, I was expecting more of a twist at the end.  It was, honestly, a bit dull.

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