Gone Crazy in Alabama by Rita Williams-Garcia

Published by Amistad

Summary:  Sisters Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern are back in the final installment of this trilogy.  Having started their journey with their mother and the Black Panthers in Oakland, continued it at home in Brooklyn, they conclude with a visit to their grandmother and great-grandmother in Alabama.  Narrator Delphine is concerned that her family is breaking apart.  Her new stepmother is expecting a baby, Uncle Darnell and his favorite niece Vonetta are no longer speaking, and their great-grandmother and her sister refuse to see each other, although they both enjoy relating their own versions of family history to the three girls.  It takes a near tragedy to bring the family together again, but in the end all members of Delphine’s family, even her California mother, are under one roof, and the bonds of sisterhood are stronger than ever.  Grades 4-7.

Pros:  The first two books in this series were multiple award winners, and this one is sure to be too.  Chock full of unique, well-drawn characters, rich historical details, and you-are-there settings, this is historical fiction at its best.

Cons:  This book will be more enjoyable for readers who have read the first two.

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