Use Your Words, Sophie! By Rosemary Wells

Published by Viking Books for Young Readers

Summary:  Sophie has a new baby sister, and she’s decided to try out some different languages to communicate with her, like Jellyfish, Hyena, and Baboon.  Each time she makes the attempt, her parents urge her, “Use your words, Sophie.”  Meanwhile, Sophie’s mother and father are having trouble agreeing on what to name the baby.  To add to the chaos, the baby starts crying, and no one, not even Granny, can figure out how to make her stop.  Finally, Sophie uses her words.  “Give her to me, please.”  Then she uses them again to sing quietly to the baby.  Miraculously, the baby stops crying.  “Her name is Jane,” says Sophie.  “So I sang to her, Jane, Jane, don’t be a pain.  Now she’s happy.”  And so is everyone else.

Pros:  Rosemary Wells has created another memorable character for preschoolers.  This is Sophie the mouse’s third book.  It would make an excellent sibling gift when a new baby arrives.

Cons:  I was sorry that Jane was the final name choice for the new baby.  Just adding a “t” would have made it so much better.

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