Clover’s Luck (Magical Animal Adoption Agency) by Kallie George, illustrated by Alexandra Bolger

Published by Disney-Hyperion

Summary:  Clover loves animals, but she’s been unlucky with pets.  When a baseball breaks her bedroom window and her new bird escapes, Clover runs off to try to catch her.  The chase leads her into the Woods, a scary place she’s never been before.  To her surprise, she sees a sign advertising a need for volunteers at the Magical Animal Adoption Agency.  Clover follows the directions to get there, and finds herself at a cottage where animals such as unicorns, magical salamanders, and dragons await adoption.  The owner, Mr. Jams, invites Clover to come back and help out, and just like that, her luck has changed.  Every day she grows more enchanted with the Agency and the animals living there.  When Mr. Jams is called away on emergency business, he asks Clover to be in charge for a few days.  Will she be able to handle animal adoptions and outsmart a devious witch?  Grades 2-4.

Pros:  This is the first book in an enchanting new series, perfect for fans of animal stories and fantasy.

Cons:  Clover’s parents seem horribly neglectful, staying at their jobs so late that Clover has to make dinner for herself and go to bed before they’ve come home.

2 thoughts on “Clover’s Luck (Magical Animal Adoption Agency) by Kallie George, illustrated by Alexandra Bolger

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