This Is Sadie by Sara O’Leary, illustrated by Julie Morstad. Published by Tundra Books.

Published by Tundra Books


Summary: This is Sadie, sailing in a boat made from a cardboard box. And this is Sadie, being a mermaid in the pool with her friends. And checking her back to make sure her wings are in place. And chatting with the birds at the top of a tree. The days aren’t long enough for Sadie to do and make and pretend all the things she thinks up. More than anything, Sadie likes stories, “because you can make them from nothing at all.”  Ages 3-8.

Pros: This brief and beautifully illustrated book is a celebration of a young child’s imagination.

Cons: Sadie seems like an all-too-rare phenomenon: a child who can entertain herself without ever having to plug something in.

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