Petlandia by Peter Hannan

Published by Scholastic Press 

Summary: Madame Wigglesworth has always had a certain feline disdain for the humans she lives with, but they treat her worshipfully enough that she puts up with them. Until Grub arrives. Grub slobbers, eats Madame’s crown, and wants his belly rubbed…endlessly. Madame Wigglesworth decides it’s time to take matters into her own hands. She convinces Grub and his sidekick Honeybaked Hamster that the humans no longer love them and should be kicked out of the house. The animals drag the humans outside while they’re sleeping, then take over. Madame declares Petlandia a democracy, and bedlam ensues as cat and dog vie to become president. The house is combed for potential voters, including bats, rats, and fleas. Can Petlandia survive political warfare?  Ages 6-9.

Pros: Liberally illustrated with cartoon animals, this is sure to be a hit for fans of Bad Kitty and the like. Even reluctant readers will find the combination of humor and action irresistible.

Cons: My inner eight-year-old gave out around page 70, at which point the “humor” started to wear a bit thin for me. Actual eight-year-olds, though, will undoubtedly be giggling to the end.

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