Katie Friedman Gives Up Texting! (And Lives to Tell About It) by Tommy Greenwald, illustrations by J. P. Coovert

Published by Roaring Brook Press


Summary: After Katie Friedman accidentally sends a snarky text about her boyfriend Nareem to Nareem himself, she vows to give up texting. Her favorite singer, Plain Jane, has spoken out about too much phone time, and when Katie has a chance to meet her, Jane offers her a deal. If Katie can get ten of her friends to join her in giving up their phones for a week, Jane will perform one of Katie’s songs at her concert and give the whole group a backstage tour. The only catch is, Katie can’t tell anyone about the reward. It seems like an impossible task, but Katie’s lifelong dream is to a rock star. Can she possibly find a way to pull this off? Grades 4-7.

Pros: This latest installment in the Charlie Joe Jackson series is the first to be told from a girl’s perspective. Katie is a likeable narrator, and the plot is fast-paced and (aside from meeting your favorite singer) pretty realistic. The arguments for and against texting are interesting and potentially discussion-provoking.

Cons: Some of the heart-to-heart talks between the kids who give up their phones seemed a little unlikely to happen in middle school.


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