The Most Amazing Creature in the Sea by Brenda Z. Guiberson, illustrated by Gennady Spirin.

Published by Henry Holt and Company

Summary: Who is the most amazing creature in the sea? Is it the ocean sunfish who can hold up to 300 million eggs in its body? The blue whale with its tongue that weighs as much as an elephant? Or the box jellyfish with its 24 eyes and deadly venom? Every animal makes a brief case for why it is the most amazing. Each two-page spread is beautifully illustrated with life-like paintings. Grades K-4.

Pros: Readers will love reading about the bizarre features and behaviors of these diverse sea creatures. The pictures will amaze and delight, as well.

Cons: This book is so perfect to use for researching sea creatures that I’m afraid the third grade teachers in my school will grab it before I have a chance to use it with their classes.

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