The Moon Is Going to Addy’s House by Ida Pearle

Published by Dial Books 

Summary: Addy’s parents come to pick up Addy and her sister from a play date. All the way home, the two girls look for the moon. Sometimes it’s high in the sky, sometimes low, sometimes it’s behind them, and sometimes up front. The sky changes, too, from pink to deep blue, to purple. The moon follows the family all the way home, where it illuminates Addy’s nighttime dance on the lawn. Ages 3-8.

Pros: Children will relate to this quiet story about a phenomenon they’ve undoubtedly observed themselves. The illustrations are the real magic of this book, though. I’ll admit I have a thing for cut paper illustrations, but these are exquisite, with a perfect palette of colors to show the changing sky of evening.

Cons: You may get a few tee-hee’s from readers on the page where the girls are depicted taking a bath.

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