Dory and the Real True Friend by Abby Hanlon

Published by Dial Books for Young Readers

Summary: Dory is back in this follow up to last year’s Dory Fantasmagory. She’s getting ready for her first day of her school; older siblings Violet and Luke warn her to leave her imaginary friends at home and focus on the real kids. She listens to their advice—sort of—and decides that a girl named Rosabelle would make a good best friend. Not only is Rosabelle a princess, but she lives in a castle and rides a dragon. Of course, Luke and Violet assume Rosabelle is another figment of Dory’s imagination, but Dory persists and she and Rosabelle combine their imaginations to create a grand finale of epic proportions. In the end, Dory introduces her amazed brother and sister to the human Rosabelle. Grades 1-3.

Pros: I didn’t quite jump on the Dory bandwagon with the first book, but this one pretty much won me over. Junie B. Jones fans will get a good chuckle out of Dory’s first forays into school and friendship. The plentiful illustrations add a great deal to the fun.

Cons: Some readers might find Dory a bit too weird.

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