8: An Animal Alphabet by Elisha Cooper

Published by Orchard Books

Summary: Each page of this alphabet book has a montage of animals that start with the featured letter. There is one of each animal except for one that is pictured eight times. For instance, the “E” page shows an eagle, earthworm, elephant, elephant seal, elk, and eight egrets. Why eight? The author explains, “Because 8 is round and adorable. Because it is fun to count to…Because it is not too big, and not so small, but just right.” The animals pictured are listed at the bottom of each page, and the last four pages include a thumbnail picture of all the animals with a fun fact about each one. Ages 3-6 (although my 20-year-old daughter seemed quite taken with this book).

Pros: Plan on spending a lot of time poring over the pictures of all the animals, and, if you’re ambitious, the facts about the 184 animals at the end. Not your average alphabet book (or counting book), but loads of fun.

Cons: The cover of the book includes one of each animal inside, but it will most likely be covered by the taped-down dust jacket if you borrow this from the library.

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