Wait by Antoinette Portis

Published by Roaring Brook Press

Summary: There are only two words in this book. “Hurry,” says the mother. “Wait,” says the little boy. The mother clearly has an agenda, as she urges her son to keep up with her down streets and through the park. The little boy wants to stop and wave to the construction worker, pick a treat from the ice cream truck, and feed bread to the ducks in the park. The mother’s urgency increases as the rain starts, and finally they reach the train that is their destination. But just before they board, the boy says one more “Wait”, and the mother agrees, “Yes, wait” as they both admire the double rainbow in the sky.  Ages 3-6.

Pros: Every parent and teacher will connect with the conflicted feelings of needing to stick to a schedule and wanting to slow down and enjoy the world the way kids do. I like that the mother always keeps a smile on her face and relishes the moment the two of them finally got to share a beautiful moment.

Cons: There should be more wait and less hurry in the world.

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