It’s Raining Bats & Frogs by Rebecca Colby, illustrated by Steven Henry.

Published by Feiwal and Friends 

Summary: Delia always looks forward to the Halloween Witch parade, but this year it looks like rain. So she chants, “It’s raining, it’s pouring, but raindrops are BORING. Change the rainfall on my head. Make it CATS and DOGS instead!” Everyone’s happy with the change to raining cats and dogs…for a while. But when the animals become a nuisance, Delia changes them to hats and clogs; then bats and frogs. Nothing seems to work until Delia finally gets the brilliant idea to make it rain…rain. Water turns out to be just what everyone needs to make it the best parade ever. Ages 3-6.

Pros: Rebecca Colby has her finger on the pulse of your average silly preschooler. I can imagine big smiles and laughter with this one. Perfect for Halloween or any rainy day.

Cons: The front flap of the cover mentions the Halloween parade, but the text calls it the Witch Parade and never mentions Halloween. The illustrations make it clear it’s Halloween. So is this a Halloween book?

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