Nerdy Birdy by Aaron Reynolds, pictures by Matt Davies

Published by Roaring Brook Press

Summary: Nerdy Birdy has big glasses, small wings, and is allergic to birdseed. He’s good at reading, playing video games, and reading about video games. He really wants to hang out with the cool birds, Eagle, Cardinal, and Robin. One day, he happens upon a bunch of other nerdy birds on a wire who convince him to join them. They point out there are more of them than the cool birds, and that the cool birds are actually so busy being cool that they don’t have any friends. Pretty soon, Nerdy Birdy has a whole gang of friends. Then along comes Vulture, who’s sort of, well, goth. The rest of the gang doesn’t like him, but Nerdy Birdy’s motto is, “There’s always room for another.” So he goes against the group, and before long, he’s made yet another friend. Ages 4-8.

Pros: A very funny look at kids’ friendships with a positive message for those who might not feel “cool”. The illustrations add a great deal to the humor.

Cons: The nerdy birds were just a tad stereotypical.

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