Charlotte and the Quiet Place by Deborah Sosin, illustrated by Sara Woolley

Published by Plum Blossom Books

Charlotte and the Quiet Place - Kindle edition by Sosin, Deborah, Woolley,  Sara. Children Kindle eBooks @

Summary: Charlotte lives in a noisy world. Her house is noisy, her street is noisy, even the library is noisy. Charlotte wishes she could find a quiet place. One day, she takes her dog for a walk in the park. He sees a squirrel and breaks free to chase it. Charlotte runs after him, and they end up in a quiet grove. When Charlotte sits down to catch her breath, she notices her breathing going in and out. Her thoughts slow down, and she finds herself, finally, in a quiet place. After that, whenever the world around her starts getting too noisy, Charlotte knows how to breathe deeply, slow her thoughts, and get back to the quiet place she found in the grove. Ages 3-8.

Pros: An excellent introduction to mindfulness and meditation for young kids.

Cons: An author’s note about the importance of mindfulness for children and some helpful tips for achieving it would have been useful.


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