The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake by Robin Newman, illustrated by Deborah Zemke

Published by Worzalla Books 

Summary: Detective Wilcox and Captain Griswold call themselves the MFIs, Missing Food Investigators. As mice working on a farm with over 100 hungry animals, they have plenty to do.  In this story, they’re called by Miss Rabbit to investigate the disappearance of her carrot cake.  After interviewing a number of suspects (Fowler the Owl, Porcini the Pig, and Hot Dog the Dog), they get the brilliant idea to plant a new carrot cake in Miss Rabbit’s kitchen, then set up a camera to record what happens.  After a couple of hours, the cake disappears and the film reveals the surprising culprit.  Grades 1-3.

Pros:  At 37 pages, this would make a perfect book for kids just transitioning from easy readers to chapter books.  There’s plenty of humor in both the text and the illustrations, and the action moves along swiftly.  Includes a carrot cake recipe at the end.

Cons:  The recipe requires four bowls, which is three too many for my culinary abilities.

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