The 50 States written and researched by Gabrielle Balkan, illustrated by Sol Linero

Published by Wide Eyed Editions

Summary: Each two-page spread in this oversized book is teeming with information about one of the fifty states. A large map is covered with small illustrations showing interesting, occasionally offbeat, places to visit.  Sidebars give introductory information, key facts such as state symbols and where the state name comes from, and moments to remember in the state’s history.  Famous people from the state are given head shots around the map, with women and minorities well-represented.  Back matter includes state flags; pictures of all the U.S. Presidents with the years of their terms, birthplaces, and wives’ names; and an enormous index.  112 pages; ages 8 and up.

Pros:  Great fun for browsing, this book offers much standard state information, as well as unique trivia.  Readers will be ready to set off on a cross-country trip.

Cons:  It’s a difficult book to put down…or to wrest from your teenager when you’re ready to write a review of it.

8 thoughts on “The 50 States written and researched by Gabrielle Balkan, illustrated by Sol Linero

      1. That is so cool! I have visited Lucy a few times and toured her once with my son several years ago (I now live in Massachusetts, so my visits to NJ are rare). I highly recommend the tour. She was used for many things, one of which was a summer residence for a family. The legend is that her trunk was the laundry chute. Not sure if that’s true, but it’s a fun tour. We even stood on the top and could see much of Margate from there. Thanks for responding to my post – your book looks amazing!


        1. Hmmm…I think we have an idea for a picture book in here…a family with two sisters who summer in Lucy. The trunk laundry shoot idea is sublime! I would have LOVED to imagine that as a kid. SO glad to have found this site (while obsessively googling myself!)….I just put In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse by Joseph Marshall on hold at my local library…I am working on a follow-up to STATES (50 Cities!) and am always on the hunt for solid American Indian cultural items to add. Thanks, ladies, for being book fans!


          1. I love it! In the interest of honesty, I should probably tell you that our time at the Jersey Shore was spent in Ocean City and Cape May, which are further south than Margate, but Janet and I both have very fond memories of times at the shore. And – Cape May had an elephant (“Jumbo, the Light of Asia”) that was the same vintage as Lucy, but was torn down around 1900.


            I’ll look forward to your “Cities” book – can’t wait to see which ones are featured!


          2. So glad you like the site. I loved your book, too, and look forward to seeing the cities one…and maybe reviewing it if I’m still at this when it comes out! And Suzanne, I did not know about Cape May’s elephant!


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