Bird by Beatriz Martin Vidal

Published by Simply Read Books


Summary:  A series of pictures show a flock of birds starting at 10:05.  As the hour moves on, the pictures zoom in, until a single bird is pictured at 11:00.  Starting at 11:00, the bird is shown on one page, and a girl on the facing page.  The girl is clearly getting ready to attempt a flight of her own, dressed in a white flight suit, adjusting her goggles, wings strapped to her back.  As the time moves close to 12:00, the bird appears fatigued and his feathers start to fall out.  By noon, he has transformed into a boy.  He gently alights on one end of a seesaw; the girl waits on the other end.  As soon as he lands, she is off.  The final page shows her metamorphosis into a bird, and the last picture is the same flock that appeared in the first one.  Ages 8 and up.

Pros:  A wordless picture book full of wonder.  Who are the children?  Why do they turn into birds?  What do the times signify?  Children will have to call on their imaginations to guess what is happening in the pictures.

Cons:  No easy answers.

One thought on “Bird by Beatriz Martin Vidal

  1. I’m clearly not the target audience for picture books and I have no children in my life to read them to, but that cover art is absolutely gorgeous. If this book were for adults or teenagers I’d probably grab it right up without knowing anything about it.


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