Frankencrayon by Michael Hall

Published by Greenwillow Books 

Summary:  On the page before the title page, the reader is informed that this picture book has been cancelled.  A few pages in, a bunch of crayons are surprised that someone has persevered to the story.  The pencil takes over, relating how the crayons were all set to do a performance of “Frankencrayon” when the lights went out, and a huge red scribble appeared.  Crayon attempts to clean it only made it worse, and the production was cancelled.  Meanwhile, the three crayons slated to play the Frankencrayon monster were awaiting their entrance on page 22.  When the big moment arrived, everyone was gone except the scribble.  The three resourceful crayons fix things up; the last page reveals who was responsible for the scribble in the first place.  40 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  The story takes great liberties with the standard book format, including the reader in all the goings-on.  Michael Hall, creator of last year’s Red: A Crayon’s Story once again shows his skills at bringing crayons to life.

Cons:  Careful reading is required to understand the story.

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