Always Remember by Cece Meng, illustrated by Jago

Published by Philomel Books

Always Remember: Meng, Cece, Jago: 9780399168093: Books

Summary:  When Old Turtle takes his last breath and swims his last swim, the waves carry him away, and his friends remember him.  The young turtles remember how he taught them how to swim; the otters remember how he loved to play and have fun; the manatee remembers how he rescued him when he was tangled in a fishing net.  At the end, they conclude that Old Turtle lived a life filled with kindness, love, and helpfulness, and his legacy will live on through their own lives.  32 pages; ages 3-7.

Pros:  A beautifully illustrated simple story that celebrates a life well-lived and gives children a way to look at death as the completion of life.

Cons:  Another three-Kleenex read-aloud.

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