Swap! by Steve Light

Published by Candlewick Press

Summary: Two sailors have a problem: their ship is too old to sail. When one of them loses a button, the other has an idea.  Swap!  They swap the button for two teacups; two teacups for three coils of rope; two of the coils of rope for four oars.  Slowly their collection grows until they have enough items to refurbish the ship.  Then it’s anchors a-weigh, and they are back out to sea.  40 pages; ages 3-7.

Pros: Although the story is simple, the artwork is not. Similar to Light’s two previous books, Have You Seen My Dragon? And Have You Seen My Monster?, the main story is told with color, while the black-and-white activity is mostly in the background. That activity is pretty complex, though, and will have kids poring over the pages to see all that’s happening.

Cons:  Due to the detailed illustrations, this is probably better for one-on-one sharing than reading to a large group.

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