The Typewriter by Bill Thomson

Published by Two Lions 

Summary: Two boys and a girl are riding their bicycles past a closed amusement park, when they spy something on top of a bee ride. It’s an old typewriter case.  These three members of the iPhone generation are intrigued by the old machine.  The girl puts a piece of paper in the roller and types “Beach”.  Instantly a beach appears.  The kids take turns creating a beach ball, ice cream, and, mistakenly, a giant crab.  Fortunately, they have the presence of mind to type “Big wave”, which takes care of the monster crustacean.  Finally, the girl types “The End”, and the kids find themselves back at the amusement park on the same wintry day.  They box up the typewriter and put it back where they found it, then continue on their way.  40 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  The author of Chalk and Fossil has created another wordless tour de force with gorgeous life-like illustrations telling a story of creativity and imagination.

Cons:  The plot seemed a bit too derivative of Chalk.

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