Wet Cement: A Mix of Concrete Poems by Bob Raczka

Published by Roaring Brook Press 


Summary:  “A poet uses words like colors to paint pictures inside your head,” says Bob Raczka in his introduction.  “In concrete poems, or shape poems, the words also paint pictures on the page.”  In each of these 21 concrete poems, the title is a single word, and the poem is only a few more lines.  Together they create an image, both concretely on the page, and more abstractly, in the reader’s mind.  For example, “Clock” is written with a capital L superimposed over the O to make it look like a clock.  The poem, “The clock on the wall says it’s five ‘til three, but the kids in my class say it’s five ‘til free” is written in lines going out from a center point, also resembling a clock.  Even the table of contents and copyright information are written in new ways for readers to enjoy.  48 pages; grades 2-6

Pros:  These poems make fun use of wordplay.  Kids will enjoy reading them and maybe even trying their own.

Cons:  You’ll need to be able to read backwards and upside down for some of the poems.

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