Danger! Tiger Crossing (Fantastic Frame series) by Lin Oliver, illustrated by Samantha Kallis

Published by Grosset and Dunlap 

Summary:  Tiger’s exploring his new neighborhood when he sees an orange pig in a hat and tie.  Pursuing this unusual neighbor, he meets a girl named Luna, and the two of them trace Chives the Pig to an old haunted-looking house.  Boldly making their way inside, they meet ancient Viola Dots, who hasn’t left her house in 50 years, ever since her son David disappeared into a picture frame, and Chives popped out in his place.  Upon close examination of the frame, Tiger discovers a clock, which he sets back an hour.  Almost immediately, the picture opens up, and he and Luna are sucked inside.  There they meet David, who is still 13, and have to outrun the hungry tiger that was in the painting.  They manage to find their way back, but David is left behind once again, leaving the reader ready for book #2, Splat! Another Messy Sunday, now available at a library or bookstore near you.  Back matter includes information about the painting the kids go into, Surprised! By Henri Rousseau. 128 pages; grades 2-4.

Pros:  A reasonably exciting adventure for early chapter book readers, with lots of illustrations, black and white for the times outside of the picture and color inside of it.

Cons:  It didn’t seem realistic that 50 years had gone by since David disappeared.  Viola Dots would have to be closing in on 90, yet looked and acted about 60.

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