Hare and Tortoise by Alison Murray

Published by Candlewick 

Hare and Tortoise: Murray, Alison, Murray, Alison: 9780763687212:  Amazon.com: Books

Summary:  Hare, a.k.a. Leapus swifticus, and Tortoise (Slow and steadicus) will be racing today.  A brief intro is given to each race participant:  Hare can hardly stand still for his, while Tortoise almost doesn’t show up for hers.  Then the race is on.  The tale is familiar—Hare leaps to the lead while Tortoise plods along far behind until Hare is tempted to eat some carrots and take a nap, certain of victory.  While he snoozes, Tortoise manages to amble across the finish line.  Hare can’t believe it, but Tortoise is a gracious winner.  “Never mind, Hare, you just might win next time.”  32 pages; ages 3-7.

Pros:  Beautiful illustrations provide plenty of action and humor to this fast-paced and funny retelling of Aesop’s fable.

Con:  While “slow and steady” is alluded to, readers will need to infer a good deal to come up with the classic moral to this tale.

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