The Big Move (Commander in Cheese series) by Lindsey Leavitt, illustrated by A. G. Ford

Published by Random House 

Summary:  Excitement is building in the White House as a new President is about to be inaugurated.  Mouse siblings (and White House residents) Ava and Dean are particularly excited because the new Commander in Chief has two children of her own.  The mice hope to add a Lego to the collection of White House treasures that generations of mice have maintained in tunnels around the house.  They see their chance to explore the kids’ rooms when everyone else is distracted by the inauguration ceremony, but plans go awry.  First, they get locked into a room with no tunnels, then the kids come back and discover them, resulting in a “Code Brown” that brings in Secret Service agents to try to get rid of the “vermin”.  There’s a happy ending for all, both human and rodent, and a promise of further interactions and adventures between the mice and their new human friends.  Back matter includes pictures of all the U.S. Presidents, fun facts about Inauguration Day, a floor plan of the part of the White House in the story, and a preview of book #2.  112 pages; grades 1-3.

Pros:  As a kid, I would have loved imagining being a mouse in the White House.  Ava and Dean are likeable characters, and readers will effortlessly learn a few facts about the presidency while enjoying the mice’s adventures.

Cons:  The plot is fairly predictable and the characters are pretty one-dimensional.

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