This Is Not a Picture Book! By Sergio Ruzzier

Published by Chronicle Books 

Summary:  A duckling finds a book, but when he discovers it has no pictures, he kicks it aside.  Contrite, he picks it up again just as his bug friend comes along.  “What is that?”  “It’s a book with no pictures.”  “Wacky. Can you read it?”  To his amazement, the duckling CAN read some of the words.  The two friends walk through a changing landscape that reflects the words…funny, sad, wild, and peaceful.  The words carry them away, then bring them home to read the book all over again.  40 pages; ages 3-7.

Pros:  A great introduction to the magic of words and reading.  Perfect for a newly independent reader.  The duck and bug are pretty cute, too.

Cons:  Kids who are struggling to read independently might not quite be feeling the magic of words.

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