Penny & Jelly: Slumber Under the Stars by Maria Gianferrari, illustrated by Thyra Heder

Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 

Summary:  Penny is excited about the upcoming “Sleepover under the Stars” sponsored by the local recreation department.  As she gets ready, though, she notices the “No pets allowed” line on the flyer, and is sad that she can’t take her dog, Jelly.  She tries different ways to make a Jelly to take with her, using paper, yarn, fleece, and a host of other materials.  Nothing is as satisfactory as the real thing.  Finally, Penny and Jelly put their heads together and come up with the perfect solution.  Penny gets on the phone and calls her friends, and they have their own sleepover under the stars in Penny’s backyard, complete with pets.  32 pages; ages 4-7.

Pros:  A companion to last year’s Penny & Jelly: The School Show, this is an engaging slice-of-life tale of a girl and her dog.  Penny is a resourceful girl who works to solve a problem without any adult help.  Cute illustrations and a satisfying end.

Cons:  What Penny’s room must look like after creating a marshmallow Jelly, a shaving cream Jelly, and a jelly Jelly.

4 thoughts on “Penny & Jelly: Slumber Under the Stars by Maria Gianferrari, illustrated by Thyra Heder

  1. What a treat to open my email this morning and see my very own book featured on your blog today, Janet!!

    I’ve been subscribing for quite awhile now, and enjoy reading your posts every day even though I don’t always comment. Thank you so much for featuring Penny & Jelly Slumber Under the Stars :)!!


  2. And since you’re in Billerica, I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be doing a double book launch this coming Sunday, July 24th at Newtonville Books in Newton Centre at 2PM. It’s for Penny & Jelly Slumber Under the Stars as well as my newest book that just released on Tuesday, Coyote Moon. I’d love to meet you if you’re able to make it 🙂


  3. I recall that you had recently moved, but didn’t realize it was to Longmeadow. I definitely will :).


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